May 27, 2010

The London House

In 1754 along the Rappahannock River in Virginia, the London house was built. It was designed for the purposes as a full functional silk mill. In 1840, it was relocated to Urbana, Maryland where it became the Shirley Female Academy and then the Landon Military Academy and Institute. The basement was used as sleeping quarters for slaves. During the Civil War, General J.E.B. Stuart took possession of the mansion.

On September 8, 1862, the General initiated one of the most famous balls to ever take place during the Civil War. This went on to be called the Sabers and Roses Ball. The following day, he and his cavalry went on to fight in the Battle of Antietam, which turned out to be one of the most bloodiest days in American history. During the Civil War, the house served as a hospital for both Union and Confederate Soldiers. To this day, you can still see original sketches from the soldiers who stayed there. The house is currently on the National Register of Historic Places.
Staff members who work there and visitors to the site all have witnessed paranormal events. In 2003, a  visitor witnessed the apparition of a Civil War Soldier. The person watched in shock as the ghost walked into the front door of the building, and walked up the steps and disappeared at the top of the landing. The basement of the house is believed to have a strong ghostly presence. Photo taken on the site reveal orbs, footsteps are heard with no one there, and temperature drops are frequent.
It's Probably one of the scariest and haunted places in the world!!!!


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