February 21, 2010


  The YETI is a mythological creature and an ape-like man is said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.The scientists regard the yeti as a legend given lack of evidence,yet it remains one of the most famous creatures of cryptozoology.The yeti may be considered a sort of parallel to the big foot legend of north america    
    IN 19 CENTURY- in 1832 B.H.Hodgog's acoount of experiences in northen nepal.His local guides spotted a tall,bipedal creature covered with long dark hair, which seemed to flee in fear.Hodogson concluded it was an orangutan.
    IN 20 CENTURY-In 1925,N.A.Tombazi, a photographer and a member of royal geographical society.writes that he saw a creature about 15,000ft near Zemu glacer.
                                          The above picture is an imaginary picture of yeti                                                         
                                     But it was confirmed in 2002 that the term yeti means bear.Actually it was the Brown bear which could stand with two feet and which was imagined as yeti.

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The philospher stone is a legandary alchemical substance supposedly to change base metals for example turning lead into gold.It is also called as elixir of  life means acheiving immortality.Even Great alchemists like Sir Issac Newton,Nicolas Flamel and Frater Albetrus.they all belived the exsistence of this perfect stone.the stone was the central symbol of mystical terminology of alchemy.

                                                            Some people say that there is no exsistance of such perfect stone.ans some say that the stone really exsists.the first evidence that supported the exsistance of the phisopher stone.in jan14 1929 a village near berlin was totaly a blood shed and that was the place where the alchemy tests for the philospher stone were being conducted. it is said that the ingredients for making a philospher's stone are live humans.during the hitler's regim there were a lot of rumours about philospher stone although many of them were false.few were them were true.in some where near 1930's it was belived that hitler used the philospher stone at a time of difficulty.
                                                          Hitler died in 30 April 1945 and his skeleton was taken up by many reseaschers.in the year 2009 the DNA tests concluded that it was the skeleton of a women of 40 years of age.Some say that hitlers body was lost after he was dead.Some of his followers still believe that he is alive by the philospher stone.we can say nothing about it as every thing is possible in this vast world.
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