May 3, 2010

Does the mythical unicorn exist????

Pretty much everyone wants to believe in the magnificent unicorn. They are one of the mythical creatures that seem to be loved on the collective whole. Robert vavra did a great job of convincing us all that they just might exist.

There is unicorn mythology from all corner's of the world, however, everyone has to make that call for themselves, even though most of us will continue to believe somewhere deep in our hearts. Perhaps that’s how they do exist, because so many people wish it to be true.

I’m not a total skeptic, but you’d think if someone found a real live unicorn skeleton there would be news about it somewhere.

The above picture is a real image it's not a fake!!!
Atleast that's what the people say!!.

The horn on the nose is really what looks fishy, however if it isn't real it is a well done fake.
hmm.....Many people agree with the existence of unicorn's . what do u believe in!!!(readers choice)


  1. i believe that unicorns do all mythical witches and wizards...vampires....aliens....and so on....

    hey try...i am following your blog now...

  2. Thanks bella and i know why you like vampires!!!!

  3. Try, I sometimes believe in these creatures.. and sometimes i don't...
    But I hope that they exist...
    I want to meet these creatures .. not all though.. but some of them..!!

  4. That baby unicorn looks like my baby pictures!!!!

  5. Hey mulan it's the baby unicorn's skeleton

  6. I know! and thats what I look like when I was born!
    Awww.. my baby picture!

  7. hmmmm kool topic cousin... u knw a secret they do exist bt they r nt mythical creatures ...they r jst creatures wit genetic deficiencies among mny stories of unicorn i believe this 1 nd im damn surely think it may b correct....

    anyways awesome post long live the writer....:)

  8. Ahem U must say Long Live the readers!!!!!!Cousin