March 15, 2010


 Excalibur is the legendary sword of "king arthur",sometimes attributed with magical powers.It is also called as the sword in the stone(the proof of arthur's lineage).But in most versions the sword was associated with the arthurian legend very early.In Welsh,the sword is called "Caledwlch"
                                            A picture of the mighty king arthur taking the undefeatable sword Excalibur
                                                                          The name Excalibur apparently derives ultimately from the welsh caledfwlch which combines the elements called bwlch. 

The beside is the picture of the undefetable sword Excalibur.The legend says that with one swing of this great sword can destroy a considerable amount of place into pieces it is said that after getting old the king orderd his slave to break the sword into two pieces and throw it into the lake where it was taken and thrown away but it couldn't be broken then the lady in the lake(the immortal goddess) took the sword and placed the sword back into the stone in the lake.The great sword excalibur was made from the metals in heaven that is totally unbreakable.

                                          It is still believed and the legend confirms it that the sword Exists.Awaiting in the lake to punish the evil when its heir is going to unleash it.Some may say swords and other weapons cannot conquer the modern weapons.The legend says "when the world is filled with evil Excalibur will awaken with it's heir to punish them".Awaiting in a lake known to none waiting for its rightful owner.........................................
                                                       The above image of sir bedivere casting off the sword excalibur into the water by the request of king arthur                                                

March 14, 2010


                      In Greek mythology,Pandoras box is a large jar carried by pandora that,when opened by her unleashed many terrible things on mankind-ills,toils and sickness,-and hope.contary to popular belief,in the original story,Pandoras box was not actually a box at all,but rather a jar.hence, the historically correct item would be "pandoras jar"  
        The above image is a imaginary picture of pandora by Nicholas reginer(1626)
                                                            The original greek word used was pithos,which means a large jar,Sometimes as large as a small human.Following Jne Ellen Harrison,in an eariler set of myths,pandoras was a manifestation of the great goddess .A mortal woman created as a punishment who introduces all evils to mankind.It is said that the jar releases a myraid evils upon the earth.
                                                              A jar which can destroy the world with pain and suffering with in a few minutes.Existence to such evil and powerful jar would be..........................(Think of it yourselves)


A sea serpent or sea dragon is a mythological sea monster either wholly or partly serpentine sightings of sea serpents have been reported for hundreds of years,and continue to be claimed today.Cryptozoologist Bruce Champagne identified more than 1,200 purported sea serpent sightings.Despite these numerous sightings,no credible physical evidence has been recorded and it is currently believed that the sightings can be best explained as misidentification of known animals such as oarfish and whales.Some cryptozoologists have suggested that the sea serpents are marine reptiles,monosasaurs etc
                                              A sea serpent from Oalus Magnus's book "history of the Northern people     

                                    Some stories report of sailors mistaking its back for a chain of islands.Sea serpents also appear frequently later Scandinavian folklore, particularly in that of Norway.
                                                The first American sea serpent,reported from Cape Ann,Massachusetts(1693)
But later it was proved that there was no existence of such fierce creature.some say that they can be summoned by magic.Some say it is just a mere mythology.But if such a creature exsist.A creature that can fly and end human lives just by a flap.........................