March 17, 2013

Stars!! will we see em??

Stars at night time are pretty aren't they!!filled with light,although a lot of them can't be seen unless there is a clear sky free of smoke! nevertheless we see a lot of science friction going on in movies in novels,comics etc...but have u ever wondered when well can actually visit them in real life?hm... let's see.We have managed to put people on the moon and robots on asteroids,mars and even titan(a moon of Saturn).

But Inter-planetary travel is frickin cool  but let's talk about interstellar travel far as we know voyager -1 is expected to reach interstellar space time in this year or the next or the year after was launched way before at 1977, many say technology is developing rapidly so we will have the space travel thing in our life time or just after a few years ahead right??The nearest star we have next to the sun is proxima centauri it's just 4.24 light years away so it's a piece of cake huh?? actually it's a piece of difficult cake!!a light year means the time a light ray takes to travel from once place to another place for an year!and light is so fast that it could just circle the earth 7times in a sec

Helios space probe
The fastest man made object ever was helios 2 solar probe which travelled at a speed of 70,220m/s.Pretty impressive isn't it! although even at that speed it'd take 19,000 years to reach proxima centauri! which i don't think is a pretty less time

but hey technology is bound to be improved in the future!!we might make objects with even higher speeds.Just to not kill the dream of seeing stars let's see what we have at about worm holes??Yeah just as we see in the movies we can warp right from here to a planet or a star some 10-12 light years away?it's not just a science friction they are theoretical but they could one day become a reality!.The question is how far away might that day be?

banard's star
A scientist named Andrew kennedy did all the calculations about the travel velocities and earths technological growth and said that the soonest the human civilization would reach banard's star which is 6 light years away would take 1,104 years From today!let's be optimistic for a sec...we know that dinosaur's used to exist millions of years ago in earth right and died cuz of asteroid collosions?hm..why won't there be such things occuring to us in the future..i mean come on 1,104 years yeah there can be a chance,Tsunamis and global warming.There are even some theories saying that before we get the technology of interstellar travel we might perish due to some natural disaster!it may sound unlikely but by seeing all this the 2008 joint propulsion conference concluded that we would never visit any other places in space other than our solar system

In the end that crushes the dream and makes us come back to reality it does feel bad to know that these kind of beautiful things can only be seen in science friction or through telescopes.I guess that's the reason why they are so beautiful!!